Demerara Brown Sugar

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This is the only Demerara Cane Sugar being sold in Canada that is a product of Demerara, Guyana. Most of the Demerara Cane Sugar being sold in Canada is from other places in the world. Demerara Brown Sugar has been specially produced for the baking needs of all consumers and is also versatile to be used as a traditional sugar product.

Order today and enjoy our famous Demerara Cane Sugar from the place this type of sugar was named after Demerara, Guyana!

All our sugars are fresh out of the factory, 100% natural, ethically sourced, GMO free and less refined.

There is No H.S.T/Q.S.T on coffee or sugar. 6.95 shipping in Canada. 25.00 minimum order in the Greater Toronto Area and 39.00 outside of this area.

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Sugar from Guyana has an ancient history dating back to 1685. This type of premium sugar was famous to the world. We have collaborated with The Guyana Sugar Corporation and have now made this sugar available to the North American Market. Anyone who has tried Guyana Sugar knows how amazing it is. Enhance your baking products Demerara Brown Sugar.

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