Guyana Rainforest Coffee – Medium Roast

50.00 CAD


DNA analysis by the United States Department of Agriculture has confirmed the variety of coffee bean from Guyana is one of the rarest varieties of coffee in the world. Our coffee is of the highest quality and taste. The coffee beans we import from Guyana is 100% natural, ethically sourced and GMO free.

Coffee is ground, if roasted beans are required, indicate in the notes at checkout.

There is No H.S.T/Q.S.T on coffee or sugar. 6.95 shipping in Canada. 25.00 minimum order in the Greater Toronto Area and 39.00 outside of this area.

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Importing coffee from Guyana is filling the demand for people of the Guyanese community and coffee drinkers of all types. We are providing a brand new coffee experience to the North American consumer. This a new experience because for the first time in history coffee from the origin of Guyana is being exported.

Flavour Profile:

Harvest: Hand Picked / 100% Natural
GMO Free: Yes
Pesticide Free: Yes
Fertilizer: Natural/Nurtured by rich soil from The Amazon Rainforest
Origin: Amazon Rainforest of Guyana
Process: Wet Method
Inspection: Inspected by the Department of Agriculture
Storage: GrainPro Bags
Processing Country: Canada
Brewing Method: French Press, Moka Pot and Manual Drip

Important Consumption Note:

It’s recommended that this premium coffee is consumed black with Guyana Demerara Sugar.

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