The Amazing & Rare Coffee from Guyana is Now Available to The World
History - Guyana Rainforest Coffee


For the first time since 1810, the agricultural gem of the world, Guyana, is exporting coffee out of this blessed land. Coffee from Guyana is so rare and uncommon that it’s even unknown in it’s own country of origin. Coffee estates are situated deep in the interior region of Guyana, which is also known as the miraculous Amazon Rainforest. The Rainforest covers 80% of Guyana.

I’m excited to write this article to inform and educate coffee consumers around the world of this one-of-a-kind coffee with an ancient lineage that is now available to them. This article will be the only reliable source to anything and everything related to coffee from Guyana, as we are the exclusive and only importer of this coffee in the world.

1) Where is coffee grown in Guyana?

Unlike popular coffee producing countries, coffee plantations in Guyana are very difficult to get to. You basically need to travel across the country, then by speedboat up a deep and piranha filled Rainforest River, more commonly known as the Pomeroon River, then a short hike into the Amazon Rainforest.

For this reason, coffee farmers live off the banks of the Pomeroon River and coffee cherries are transported via boat to the mainland for further processing.

2) What is the history of coffee from Guyana?

  • The history of coffee from Guyana is deep rooted with a remarkable history that even people from Guyana are unaware of.
  • Coffee plants, originally from Yemen, were brought to coast of South America that included Guyana, from the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam in the early 1700s. The coffee plants brought over at that time were the original Typica cultivar.
  • By 1810, Guyana exported over 22 million pounds of coffee and was the largest producer of coffee in the Western Hemisphere. It’s believed that coffee seeds from Guyana started the world famous coffee industry in Columbia, but I’m sure this is something they will never admit to.
Coffee Plantation British Guiana

Coffee Plantation, Guyana, 1810

So the question everyone is asking

3) What happened to the coffee industry of Guyana?

  • The land of Guyana naturally produces agricultural friendly rich soil that when combined with the ideal weather conditions of Guyana was perfect for producing the best sugar canes.
  • Britain, Holland, Portugal, France and Spain all engaged in battles to claim this lucrative land for sugar production. In 1831, the British Empire prevailed and took full control of the world famous Sugar Industry of Guyana.
  • Coffee farmers abandoned coffee estates for the more lucrative and popular sugar industry.
  • The coffee industry of Guyana was left to the waist site until 2015, when Louis Holder the CEO of Amy’s Pomeroon Foods Inc. located in Guyana had a vision to rejuvenate this lost industry.

4) Which countries import coffee from Guyana?

An extremely small portion of coffee is available in Guyana and out of that small portion only one distributor processes the Guyana Coffee beans in a manner that can be considered as premium grade. This method is known as the “ Wet Process” this process basically uses machinery and a water based process to separate the green coffee bean from the cherry.

These premium coffee beans are exported to our company, Guyana Rainforest Coffee and we distribute within Canada and the United States with major popularity in New York City, Toronto and Florida. We are also establishing distribution in the United Kingdom.

5) What does coffee from Guyana taste like?

Rare Coffee Beans From Guyana’s Rainforest

Rare Coffee Beans From Guyana’s Rainforest

We have conducted intense market research and developed coffee focus groups and the consensus is that coffee from Guyana is one of the best, if not the best tasting coffee in the world. This is how one individual described the taste of the coffee.

“Guyana Coffee has a hint of natural sweetness and touch of a fine red wine after taste that is perfectly entangled with a slight smoked cocoa flavour and a palate-pleasing hint of golden citrus and rich coconut that is superiorly smooth, rich and full bodied, with absolutely no bitterness. You have never had a cup of coffee like this and it’s the best coffee I ever had.”

6) Is Guyana Coffee available in New York City?

  • We had to dedicate an answer to this specific question, as New York City has the largest Guyanese community in the world. Don’t get me wrong, our coffee is available to all coffee consumers, but we have had an enormous volume of inquiries from the Guyanese community in New York City for our coffee.
  • Yes, our coffee that is from Guyana is available to coffee drinkers of New York City. Please keep in mind, supply is very limited due to a complex harvest and a complicated supply chain. Order at Guyana Rainforest Coffee

7) Why is Guyana Coffee so special?

The coffee from Guyana is a one-of–a-kind and rare coffee species of coffee that has been nurtured by the miraculous elements of the wondrous Amazon Rainforest. We believe the ancient DNA lineage still exists in the coffee harvested today. The rare variety of this coffee has been confirmed by the United States Department of Agriculture.

8) What is the best way to prepare a cup?

These are the steps to produce a perfect cup of coffee:

Step 1:

Roasted coffee beans should always be stored in an airtight container for no longer than 6 months. Grainpro bags can be used to extend the freshness and quality.

Step 2:

Roasted coffee beans should be freshly ground with a hand grinder or electrical grinder to a fine state for each use.

Step 3:

Use 2 tbsp of ground coffee for every 2 cups of Berkey filtered water, boiled at 150-180 degrees. Please ensure safety measures are always followed when dealing with boiling water.

Step 4:

Any type of coffee preparation machine can be used. A French Press has become a popular option. You can find instructions on how to use a French press here.

The best way to enjoy Guyana Coffee is black and with our authentic Demerara Sugar from Guyana.

Now you can sit back and enjoy the most exotic and best coffee in the world!

Guyana Rainforest Coffee

The difference between coffee beans of Guyana and Arabica coffee beans from Columbia, Jamaica and Papua New Guinea.

9) Why is the supply so limited and are there plans for an increase of supply?

Unfortunately, the supply of coffee in Guyana is very limited due to workforce shortage, a difficult harvest, also due to the Guyana coffee beans being a special and exotic variety of coffee. The harvest is much more tedious than the popular Arabica coffee bean.

The supply chain to export coffee out of Guyana is also very complex that requires a lot of effort.

We have plans to increase supply and production of coffee in Guyana with the potential assistance of private investors and government bodies.

My advice would be to take advantage or this rare opportunity and order your bag of coffee from Guyana now.

10) What are the Guyana Coffee brands?

We are proud and excited to offer 3 premium brands of coffee that all contain 100% coffee beans from the Amazon Rainforest of Guyana.

  • Guyana Rainforest Coffee is our first brand that is a medium roast.
  • The second brand has been developed by Louis Holder of Amy’s Pomeroon Foods and is a dark roast that is perfect for those enjoy a strong cup of “Joe”. This dark roast can also be used to produce an absolutely phenomenal espresso that’s incomparable.
  • Lastly, we recently established a mocha blend made with 100% Organic Swiss Cocoa that can create a liquid masterpiece.

11) Is the Guyana Coffee brands organic, sustainable and Non-GMO?

Guyana Rainforest Coffee

We have not got the certification as yet for organic in Canada and the United States. With that said, the coffee harvest and production follows all the organic guidelines. No synthetic fertilizers are used in the growing production. The coffee trees grow in the natural state and elements provided by the Amazon Rainforest.


The coffee production in Guyana is considered as sustainable, as it does conserve nature and provides better lively hoods for the farmers and workers who process them.


Our coffee is 100% single origin form Guyana, South America and GMO free.

12) How do I get coffee from Guyana?

As of right now our coffee can only be purchased online at and is available in Canada, The United States and The United Kingdom.

Coffee consumers from Toronto, New Jersey, New York City specifically Queens, Flatbush, Brooklyn, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa Bay, and Claremont in Florida have expressed a strong interest in our coffee. Distribution to retail outlets are in progress.

13) Why is buying Guyana Coffee so important to Guyana?

Purchasing our coffee and authentic Demerara Guyana sugar products is very important. Every purchase helps create a demand, which in turn benefits the society, workforce and economy of Guyana. Purchasing Guyana produced products will definitely help the people of Guyana.


To summarize, coffee from Guyana is a rare and exotic variety of coffee from the natural and miraculous Amazon Rainforest of Guyana. This coffee was unknown to the world, until now!

  • Our coffee is 100% natural, Non-GMO, sustainable and follows the organic certified protocol and we may peruse organic certification in Canada and The United States. Our coffee production and roasting are based on scientific research to remove bitterness and produce the world’s best coffee. We offer a medium, dark and Swiss mocha brand that are available for purchase online in Canada, The United States and The United Kingdom.
  • Every purchase will directly benefit the wonderful, but less fortunate society, workforce and economy of the great land of Guyana!

Are you ready to experience an out of this world and rare cup of coffee that is brand new to the modern coffee world? Enjoy this rare coffee opportunity/experience and order now.

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